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Upcoming Events: 
Saturday, May 4, 2024 1pm-3pm
Envision and Plan Your Own Joy
Speaker: Daisy Rojas
At Minerals & Mystics
(167 Seminole Court Charlottesville VA 22901)
Call 434-284-7709 for more information! Register at
Listen to international speaker and Charlottesville native, Daisy Rojas who has reinvented herself more than once. As a single mom, and resident of a domestic abuse shelter in her early 20s, she went on to earn multiple degrees, publish academic articles, start several companies and nonprofits, and finally become a savvy adviser in the financial sector. She will discuss how she learned to make life choices; draw her own map and follow paths where joy resides.
“So many of the women we know and love are focused, high performing and intelligent…as a wealth advisor, the first conversation “What do you really want?” often reveals that while we’ve got everything under control and mapped out for families and loved ones, we often haven’t made the same careful plans for ourselves.”
We CAN give ourselves a joyous life; but first we must rediscover what joy means to us. This workshop will teach you how to find your own joy today, and plan for it in the future. You will leave with greater self-awareness, new skills, and concrete plan for future goal setting.
Participants are asked to bring a poster board, scissors, glue sticks and magazines (we will also provide extras of these).
Limited space--REGISTER NOW for this FREE WORKSHOP